Cookie Policy


Welcome to's Cookie Policy. This document informs users about the technologies that help this application achieve its purposes. These technologies allow the owner to access and store information, such as cookies, on a user’s device as they interact with this application.

Trackers and Their Purpose

For simplicity, all technologies enabling tracking are referred to as "Trackers" in this document. They include Cookies and other similar technologies that help in the operation and delivery of the service.

Activities Strictly Necessary for the Operation of this Application

This Application uses technical Cookies to carry out activities necessary for its operation or delivery of the service.

Third-Party Trackers

This Application uses third-party Trackers, such as Cloudflare, for traffic optimization and distribution. Cloudflare processes cookies and various types of data as specified in their privacy policy.

How to Manage Preferences and Provide or Withdraw Consent

Users can manage preferences related to Trackers directly within their device settings. Additionally, consent can be provided or withdrawn through the cookie notice or privacy widget if available.